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Acuity Brands was selected by the University of Akron in its sustainability, design and energy conservation goals for the university’s new Multiplex residence hall. The new residence hall features more than 700 Lithonia Lighting® RTLED™ luminaires in hallways, study lounges and social lounges. LED lighting was not the initial recommendation for the facility. In support of the university’s “green” initiatives, a request was made to determine if LED lighting could be incorporated late in the construction cycle while minimizing the impact on the installation work already completed. “A lot of the branch circuiting and lighting fixture flex connections were already installed. All that was missing on some of the floors were the luminaires themselves. We were tasked with finding the right LED fixtures for the project, which had to be characterized by a high degree of energy efficiency, high quality light output, the overall look of the fixture and the ease of installation as a one-for-one replacement,” said Ronald Radabaugh, P.E., L.C. principal and electrical engineer with Scheeser Buckley Mayfield, LLC (SBM).

Cree has announced the commercial availability of its XLamp® ML-E LED. The lighting-class XLamp ML-E provides lighting designers with a compact and cost-effective solution for distributed LED arrays that can enable them to meet the stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR® performance criteria. “When we set out to build our new linear light engine, we required the efficacy and reliability of XLamp LEDs, but wanted a smaller package size,” said Markus Vockenroth, managing director, MAL Effekt-Technik GmbH. “The XLamp ML-E LED was the perfect combination of price and performance for our application.” The XLamp ML-E delivers lighting-class performance in applications where a smooth, uniform appearance is required, such as LED fluorescent tube replacement, ceiling-mounted panel lights and under-cabinet lighting. Unlike other low-power LEDs originally developed for consumer electronics and backlighting applications, the XLamp ML-E delivers the segment-leading color binning, efficacy, thermal resistance and the long-term reliability required for ENERGY STAR® luminaires and bulbs.

GE Lighting announced, starting in 2011, it will bring hybrid technology to the lighting aisle in the form of a unique, new incandescent-shaped light bulb that combines the instant brightness of halogen technology with the energy efficiency and longer rated life of compact fluorescent (CFL) technology. The initial product launch will bring U.S. and Canadian consumers GE Reveal® and GE Energy Smart® Soft White varieties that offer significantly greater instant brightness than current covered CFLs, while preserving the energy efficiency and long life attributes that have elevated CFLs as a lighting staple in many households.

BULBRITE has introduced an adjustable LED Multi-Beam MR16 featuring six distinct beam angles. The LED MR16 features innovative beam-control technology which combines the functionality of six MR16s into one. The adjustable dial allows the user to select any of the six different beam angles including 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 degrees. Extremely versatile, the LED Multi-Beam MR16 can be used with both magnetic and electronic transformers. According to BULBRITE , this latest family of LEDs is perfectly suited for recessed, track and landscape lighting applications in residential and commercial retrofit installations.

Calbrite™ announced it has developed a stainless steel single-gang weatherproof in-use box with a lockable cover that is ideal for corrosive and harsh environments such as wash-down applications and wastewater treatment plants. The casted, type-316 stainless steel receptacle cover is fully compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and NEMA 3R requirement. “We’ve taken our expertise in corrosion prevention and applied it to a product that is in high demand by our customers,” said Matt Westerfield, director of sales and operations for Calbrite products. “This stainless steel in-use box protects electrical wiring in harsh and demanding applications such as wash-down in food and beverage processing facilities, but the locked box feature also makes it ideal for outdoor wiring and high-traffic areas that require durability as well as safety precautions.”

Meyda Lighting has teamed-up with COCA-COLA® to create COCA-COLA® Bottle Lighting Fixtures featuring the authentic colors and contours of the original COCA-COLA® bottles. Meyda Lighting, a Meyda Tiffany company and a leading manufacturer and designer of custom lighting and décor, is a licensee of COCA-COLA® products. The COCA-COLA® 16 Bottle Chandelier is handcrafted from 16 recycled COCA-COLA® Bottles. The nostalgic COCA-COLA® BOTTLE Chandelier is handcrafted of Classic Green tinted glass featuring the authentic colors and contours of the original bottles.

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