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NKK Switches announced the availability of the KP Series of illuminated miniature pushbutton switches. The series provides design engineers with an array of options that enhance and complete front panels needing an innovative and modern look and feel. The new KP Series devices are available with built-in RGB LED illumination. This option allows engineers to utilize the full color spectrum to create unlimited color combinations. An additional illumination option is Super Bright red/green built-in LEDs which can be combined to produce amber. In both configurations, these switches’ unique design ensures that illumination is evenly diffused throughout.

Cooper Lighting was selected from 14 manufacturers for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)-funded project by the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin in a decision to switch to a more energy-efficient method of street lighting. In early spring 2009, the city of Waukesha applied for and received ARRA grant money to retrofit 1,200 existing street lights with a more energy-efficient alternative. Accordingly, the city offered interested lighting manufacturers the opportunity to provide sample products, which were installed and monitored for energy savings and overall lighting quality for a period of six months. The city evaluated 14 different vendors.

Cooper B-Line announced it has obtained pre-approval status for its rack and runway products from California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The OSHPD pre-approval (OPA) is a critical development for contractors and engineers in the state of California and surrounding areas, which can lead to cost savings benefits thanks to the elimination of expensive and time-consuming seismic engineering services, which are required by state law for all unapproved materials. “Cooper B-Line’s investment in OPA numbers for rack and runway products indicates our commitment to our customers in this region, as well as in surrounding areas that enforce very strict safety standards,” said Joe Kline, Vice President of Marketing at Cooper B-Line. “Our offering of OPA-approved rack and runway products further differentiates Cooper B-Line as a solutions provider for the cable management industry.”

Acuity Brands announced that it has made high-quality volumetric lighting even more cost effective with the introduction of the Lithonia Lighting VT Volumetric Series luminaires. Acuity Brands introduced the concept of volumetric lighting to the lighting industry with its RT5 product line. Like the RT5, the VT Volumetric Series establishes a more uniform balance between task illuminance and spatial brightness. The resulting “volumetric effect” increases the perceived lighting level and improves visual comfort, reinforcing a sense of occupant security and well-being. “We developed the VT Volumetric family of products to give our customers more options for installing high-quality ambient lighting,” said Dave Ranieri, Vice President and General Manager, Lithonia Lighting Commercial Indoor Products.

Cerro Wire LLC has introduced True Sequential Footage™, a sequentially printed cable reel that provides accurate wire length with each cut. True Sequential Footage prevents the need to carry excess cable inventory, providing precision length, accurate footage, and cost control. True Sequential Footage uses a footage mark to document remaining wire, beginning with zero at the bottom of the reel and ending with the finished length at the top. The accurate footage mark allows for quick identification of the re-order point, guaranteeing the full purchased wire length and reducing random lengths. This better controls end-of-reel scrap. The need to carry excess inventory is reduced with the precision cutting allowed by True Sequential Footage. Wire normally lost on each cut made with less accurate cutting systems (3 to 8 percent) is saved when True Sequential Footage’s precision footage marking system is used.

BULBRITE has added a line of Dimmable GU24 compact fluorescents to its family of energy efficient CFLs that are designed to be used with a multitude of new and existing lighting fixtures with GU24 sockets, . “The GU24 socket system was designed to replace the Edison socket and base, transforming standard lighting into energy efficient fixtures,” explained BULBRITE President Cathy Choi. “With the industry’s surge to become more environmentally friendly, an ever-growing number of suppliers, distributors and specifiers are using lighting fixtures that feature GU24 sockets. To meet this growing demand, we have launched Dimmable GU24 CFLs that offer an energy saving light source alternative to consumers.”

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