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WattStopper announced the launch of two powerful daylighting sensors that allow engineers, building owners and installers unprecedented options when designing, purchasing and implementing daylight harvesting systems. The new LMLS-400 and LMLS-500 may be used for switching or dimming applications, and are specifically designed for easy integration with occupancy sensors and other lighting controls. Both digital photosensors include a two-way infrared (IR) transceiver for communication with a wireless configuration tool, and the LMLS- 400 features automatic commissioning for either switching or dimming.

IDEAL announced it is helping to assure better connections by introducing its new 45-321 coax stripper expressly designed to perform cleaner, faster 1/4” x 1/4” strips of RG-6/6 quad and RG-59 coax cables used in the transmission of cable television, satellite broadcasting, and analog CCTV signals. The new stripper features a self-adjusting blade that instantly conforms to different diameter coax cables, resulting in higher accuracy at a lower overall cost of installation. The 45-321 has a Spinner Ring that orbits the full circumference of the cable to deliver faster stripping without compromising precision. According to IDEAL, comfort is key to any successful hand tool.

Shat-RShield states that the ultimate goal of any shatter-resistant compact fluorescent lamp is the ability to survive accidental impact without compromising safety. Will the safety coating contain the broken glass, phosphors and mercury, or will it spell disaster? Shat-R-Shield said it provides the solution for the market’s most reliable shatter-resistant CFL’s. “We determined the thin safety coatings on competing CFL’s looked nice, but they didn’t pass our rigorous drop-testing procedures,” said SRS product manager Don Cattoni. “As a countermeasure, our CFL’s feature a slightly thicker safety coating, an optically clear non-yellowing silicone formula, and a new manufacturing process.”

RACO has announced the expansion of its Floor Box product line that is targeted for residential/light commercial applications. The new product launch offers a low-cost solution for running power or data in wood sub-floor or concrete slab applications. The products are offered in unique, counter ready packaging. Round and rectangular floor box solutions are available in attractive brass and nickel finishes. Products 6RF151SR and 6RF151RSNI are round, non-metallic drop-in floor boxes with 16.0 cu. in. wiring capacity for 15A or 20A feed through capability. For power or data applications with tamper-resistant receptacle included that is available in brass or nickel finish.

Lutron announced that its new Ariadni® C·L™ dimmer joins the C·L family of dimmers, designed for dimmable CFLs and LEDs, as well as incandescent and halogen bulbs. According to Lutron, Ariadni is the leading style of wallbox controls for traditionalopening wallplates because it easily and beautifully replaces existing toggle switches. It is now available in a C·L model that controls the latest dimmable light sources, CFLs and LEDs. C·L dimmers allow customers to enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient lighting combined with the ambiance and flexibility gained with dimming. These dimmers provide reliable control of these sources, alleviating common problems found when dimming CFLs and LEDs with traditional dimmers.

Panduit notes that network performance issues are commonly attributed to the physical infrastructure and not the actual networking equipment. There are a number of needs to consider when selecting the appropriate physical infrastructure system such as linkage to the corporate IT network, security, cable management practices and type/frequency of the information flow. A Micro Data Center can be used to bridge the space between corporate IT and industrial networks. Solutions to implement a Micro Data Center include: Robust Racks and Cabinets; Communication: Media and Security; Cable Routing.

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