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Fulham announced that its low frequency Electronic HID ballasts (22W – 175W) are up to 15% more energy-efficient than traditional magnetic ballasts. Improved lumen maintenance yields opportunities to either use fewer or lower wattage fixtures for additional cost savings. Longer effective lamp life results in maintenance savings, too, since lamps are changed less often. These ballasts have the ability to optimize the lamp as it ages. They also automatically shut down when they sense end of lamp life (EOL Protection).

Halco’s CEE listed, ProLume ® High Lumen T8 lamps provide increased light output while consuming the same wattage as a standard T8 lamp. These cost-effective lamps produce 3150 initial lumens and feature superior light quality with a CRI of 86. When combining a low ballast factor ProFormance® ballast with ProLume High Lumen T8 lamps maintains near equivalent light output while reducing system wattage by 12% to 20%.

Acuity Brands has announced the release of its new and updated nLight® catalog. nLight is Acuity Brands’ award-winning network lighting control system that combines multiple lighting control strategies - - time-based, sensor-based, daylight-based, and manual -- into a powerful solution for integrated lighting and controls. Featuring Acuity Brands® Sensor Switch® advanced passive infrared and patented microphonics dual technology, nLight is a contractor and customer-friendly lighting controls system that is sophisticated, flexible, software upgradeable, and energy-efficient, cutting installation labor time by up to 35%, and energy costs by up to 40% -- or more.

DEWALT announced the launch of its new line of hand tools that includes more than 100 professional-grade products including utility knives, pliers, wrenches, tape measures, hammers, saws, toolboxes and more. “DEWALT is known for manufacturing professional power tools and accessories that are driven by field research and countless conversations with contractors,” said Tracie Gildea, director of global brand marketing. “Our new hand tools have been rigorously tested on jobsites across the country and incorporate feedback we’ve received from the people who use these tools every day.”

Cooper Lighting, a division of Cooper Industries, has internally developed and recently launched the ALM 1.0, a patent pending linear LED platform designed to integrate into 32 luminaires within the company’s historical linear fluorescent brands. The proprietary low-power, low-brightness LED module assembly offers exceptional optical performance, equivalent to or greater than fluorescent systems, with the enhanced benefits of LED lighting, including energy savings, an extended system life, a reduced carbon footprint and 15 to 20 percent reduced power density (watts consumed per square foot). The new extensive interior product offering is represented across Cooper Lighting’s Ametrix, Corelite, Fail-Safe, Metalux and Neo-Ray brands and provides application solutions for recessed, surface or directindirect general illumination and wall wash solutions.

The Universal Pedestal Clamp, part of the ERITECH line from ERICO, allows for fast, economical field construction of mesh bonding networks and cable management systems in data centers and computer rooms. In addition to multiple cross-wire bonding connections, each connector can accommodate pigtails for connecting to building steel and equipment. • One product supports both mesh bonding network and underfloor cable management • Eliminates the need for separate mounting brackets for different pedestal types or sizes • Mesh bonding conductors do not have to be bent around each pedestal to conform to grid pattern • Provides attachment points for CADDY CAT LINKS J-hooks • Code compliant (NEC Article 250 and NEC Article 300) • UL Listed as a grounding/bonding clamp and cable support

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